Executive Coaching

Think of an amazing leader. They probably had a coach.

This is your opportunity to get razor clarity on the professional journey ahead of you. Dr. Scott offers one free coaching session so you can experience what it is like, risk free.


Leadership Development Course

Five days that will change your life.

A seminar for middle managers, newly promoted supervisors, and leaders without any formal supervision training. This program will increase your leadership bench strength and positively effect org culture and your bottom line.

Corporate Retreat

It's time to update your vision and strategic plan?

Take your team or board off-site and chart a course for the next chapter. Dr. Scott can facilitate a 2 day executive retreat.

Team Building

Coming Soon (In Development)

Enjoy an inspiring day at the fire hall. Learn critical leadership skill derived from firefighting practice. Build up your team dynamics with a day they will never forget

Nautilus Course

A group learning together to be leaders with substance.

This is your opportunity to practice the habits and mindsets of today's top leaders. Learn the Nautilus Cycle and continuous journey through the 6 Cauduxes of leadership development. Do your career a solid favour. Sign up today.




I help leaders become people of substance and skill so they can live abundantly with a meaningful impact on their world.

Scott Francis PhD

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Leadership flows from who we are. 

On the calm days, it seems easy, but in the clutch moments with the hard conversations or decisions, we may be tempted to find the easy way out. In that moment, our personal development is put to the test. We find out if our character has gotten out of shape. 

Because if we are empty on the inside, 

we are often apathetic on the outside, 

and apathy eventually adds up to cowardice. 

It’s no surprise that the bravest world leaders had meaningful internal lives. People like Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandella worked hard on their own personal development, then they lead from who they were.

So ask yourself. . . how would your team benefit from having a leader with courage that comes from a rich inner life?

It's a well rounded program that has all aspects of leadership in it. . . deals with better time management, building rapport, how to communicate and connect, how to triage priorities. . .  He's really knowledgable in not only leadership development but business and executive development. I sincerely recommend it. 


The course was fantastic. What I love about it is that it's not just a bunch of theory. It's extremely practical and you do it in a group format so in addition to having people who are going through it at the same time as you, you actually get to build relationships with other business people in the city. I found his insights to be extremely helpful. I highly recommend this course to business owners, business leaders, and anyone looking to improve their productivity and their way of being.

- Michael

You really start to look at things differently. It really helps you identify places that you can grow in your business . . . maybe in certain things that you've never tried before . . . He knows what he's talking about. He's walked the walk. And he explains it in a way that is easy to digest and easily recognizable. It's about really professionally exploring what you are all about so that I can be better for myself and for my clients and colleagues. 

- Rob

Upcoming Nautilus Start Dates

Regina, SK: Every 2nd week, starting Thursday Feb 2nd, 2017

Swift Current: Every 2nd week, starting Jan 30th, 2017

First Introductory Unit (Caudux) is 2 sessions, two weeks apart. $100

 Try it out and see if you want to continue.

Contact Scott to Register: (306) 216-5689


More Information: www.nautiluscycle.com


  • “Accelerate the learning curve from years to months.”
  • “Be the kind of leader who stands out from your peers”
  • “Inspire your people to shake off the status quo”
  • “Break through your own limitations with new ways of doing things”
  • “Be the kind of boss that people love to work for”
  • “See the Matrix… (those hidden forces that cause people to act the way they do)”
  • “Recognize and change the wake you leave behind you”
  • “Stop being owned by your inbox, and become the architect of your own life”
  • “Know exactly what you want and how to get you team there”
  • “Use sports psychology to hit your ambitious performance targets, plus or minus 5%.”
  • “Use management behaviours that rival the best leaders in your industry”
  • “Go deep with an internal life that few people ever find”

Contact Scott directly: scott@advanceleadership.ca

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A podcast for intelligent leaders.

Go deep into leadership practice and theory. Hear Scott and Tony discuss topics that help leaders and their organizations grow. Available on iTunes or Stitcher.

Journal Challenge

Five days to develop a cornerstone habit

Learn the tri-optic journaling method. Make life a long story arch, not a series of episodes. Develop skills of self-reflection that are the starting place for leadership development.